Craft Room

Challenging Myself

This year, not only have I Joined the Historical Sew Fortnightly and the Italian Renaissance Costume Challenges, but I’ve also given myself some personal challenges.

  1. Sew things for myself FIRST! No more last minute – not finishing my garb – and not dressing up when everyone else is. Don’t get me wrong, I love sewing for others. But as my sister will attest to, I put the projects for myself last and then they don’t get done in time (or at all in many cases).
  2. Use fabric from my stash!  I bought all this fabric for a reason (in most instances). Inventory what I have and get those projects DONE! Started the year by listing the projects I had previously bought fabric, patterns, ribbons, trims, and all that jazz. Time to use it up!
  3. Organize my craft/sewing room! To ensure I’m productive, a clean organized space is a must. While I know it will get messy, getting it picked up and organized is a great start to the year. It’s not completely done, but by balancing time to organize and time to create I get it all done.
  4. Blog about it! Why not document this fun adventure? Who knows maybe someone might read it and get inspired to create something too!

Nothing groundbreaking about these challenges I’ve given myself, but if I follow them I can look back and see what I’ve accomplished and begin to see how my skills and style evolves over time.

I’ve gotten a head start on organizing my space I work in. And I have to say I’m loving it! I can see what I have. It’s easily accessible (which means it’s also easy to put away)!


Some of my favorite things include…

  • My mother’s Necchi sewing machine
  • I’ve got a Daryl Adixon and my sister knows it. I like to keep him close in the event of zombie apocolypse.
  • My grandmother’s vintage spools of thread
  • Darth Vader coffee mug
  • Large floral print I purchased on a random shopping spree with my Aunt after I first bought my house.  It reminds me of her and inspires me to be creative.

What does your creative space look like? What are some of your favorite things that inspire you? How do you challenge yourself to develop your hobbies and skills?



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